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Evidence Acquisition and Remote Services

We collect, safeguard, and transport physical evidence via a secure remote connection. We also assist in acquiring electronic data on-site and securing it to ensure a proper chain of custody and admissibility.

Imaging is the industry-accepted standard to preserve digital evidence. The image can be stored on a durable medium such as a hard drive and is the working copy for examination and production of evidence.

Imaging of the evidence, coming from but not limited to:

  • Windows Computers & Servers
  • Apple Computers
  • iPhones/iPads
  • Android Smartphones

Remote Service

Digital Forensics Now provides remote response services over an Internet connection for many common computer forensic, investigative, and data recovery tasks. These remote response capabilities allow our expert digital forensic examiners to provide many common digital evidence collection and triage services in a more efficient and expeditious manner. When remote response services are employed, clients will realize significant savings to both time and money as examiner travel costs and inactive time are eliminated. Urgent situations can often be addressed immediately – regardless of geographic location. Instead of waiting days or weeks for service, our forensic examiners can begin work within minutes of receiving a service call. Note that remote service is not suited for all cases. You are encouraged to call to discuss your situation with one of our expert computer forensic specialists.

On-Site Acquisition

Our computer forensic specialists provide expert on-scene assistance for the discovery and recovery of digital evidence. We provide our services to companies performing internal investigations. We also support legal professionals and law-enforcement agencies involved in investigations of high-tech evidence. Our services are especially valuable for situations where it is not possible to send evidence to our laboratories for analysis. Our services are also useful for cases with special requirements for collecting and handling sensitive data.