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Mobile Device and Social Media Forensics

While a significant convenience in modern life, cell phones are also a valuable way to learn more about those involved in a criminal case or internal investigation. Containing components of an individual’s entire life, the data captured within a cell phone is often invaluable in forensic examination.

General mobile forensic services include:

  • Call logs and Contacts
  • SMS messages
  • Whats App
  • Emails
  • Image/Videos/Audio
  • Internet History
  • GPS and Map Data
  • Documents and App Data

Drone Forensics

Drones have gain popularity for private and public use, so to have the problems associated with these flying devices. Whether property damage due to an inexperienced operator or illegal images captured by a drone. Digital Forensics Now has the knowledge and technology to find the digital trail and restore justice and peace of mind to the injured.

  • Property damage or personal injury due to a drone crash
  • Invasion of privacy resulting in pictures or video taken without permission
  • Drone battery failure and resulting fires
  • Businesses spying on competitors
  • Distribution of illegal items by drones
  • Retrieving flight logs
  • FAA regulations
  • Analysis of electrical and mechanical drone systems
  • Drone operation laws and licensing