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Expert Testimony

Finding the right expert for your digital or mobile forensics case is crucial. Digital Forensics is a highly specialized field, even more so for mobile device forensics. The constant evolution of technology and the complex concepts involved requires that experts continually update their skills and knowledge in order to keep up. Whether you’re looking for someone to review and evaluate an opposing expert’s findings or for someone to complete and testify about the forensics involved in your case, Digital Forensics Now has the capabilities and the experts to assist.

The expert witness’s primary role is to explain technical evidence to the jury and the court in ways that are clear and easy to comprehend. The expert witness should be experienced in the courtroom and must maintain integrity and objectivity related to the matters they are testifying about. That expert’s training, education, experience, and other qualifications should be directly relevant to the subject matter they are testifying to, and they should be able to explain complex concepts in a way that is easy for judges, attorneys, and juries to grasp.

Technical confusion should not be allowed to muddle the facts of your case, or in the worst-case scenario, create a semblance of reasonable doubt where it would otherwise not exist. When your case enters the courtroom and you need an expert in digital forensics, we can help. With a deep knowledge of the work that we do, extensive experience, and an understanding of the expert testimony process, we can provide valuable assistance to your case. We also understand the value of clear communication in the courtroom and our testimony is conveyed in language that doesn’t require a computer science degree to understand.