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We’re the first Hispanic woman-owned business of our kind in the United States.  Our mission is to break down barriers and push boundaries to deliver exceptional services to our clients.

At Digital Forensics Now, we typically work on a range of high-profile cases.  Previous cases include those involving President Donald Trump, healthcare foundations, and many others.

Our CEO Jovianna Gonzalez is a leader in the industry, with over 20 years of experience in trial and arbitration cases working with the most talented attorneys in both plaintiff and defense AM 100 Law firms.  With her unique background and expertise, she leads her team with an “Emergency Room” mindset, ready to tackle even the most challenging and life-threatening situations in the digital world.  Preventive services help companies become more in tune with their cybersecurity needs.

At Digital Forensics Now, no case is too big and no case is too small.  We have both the staff and expertise to support the largest digital forensic and cybersecurity challenges.  And we temper this with an understanding of the nuances of correctly imaging and analyzing mobile phones, social media accounts, computers, and email accounts.  We pride ourselves on providing white-glove treatment to all our clients, with a fast turnaround time using cutting-edge technology while following best practices.

We also place a strong emphasis on protect, trust, and transparency.  Our PROTECT service offers Incident Response planning, Tabletop Exercises, Threat Hunting, and Consulting to companies to safeguard against cybersecurity threats. We’re also here to help companies that find themselves in a post-breach scenario, ensuring the environment has been remediated for persistent threats.

At Digital Forensics Now, we prioritize TRUST in our forensic investigations.  We pride ourselves on being responsive, consistent, and accurate.  We do this by understanding community-accepted best practices, using industry-leading tools, and allowing our employees to venture down those “rabbit holes” in order to provide a comprehensive story for our clients.  We stand by our methodology and findings, providing you with the “smoking gun” you need in court and keeping you updated on our progress and findings.  Feedback from clients typically references efficiency and accuracy.

Our commitment to TRANSPARENCY is evident in our approach to communications.  We ensure that our investigative findings are admissible and provide expert testimony, if requested.  We understand attorney-client privilege and how this privilege factors into client interactions.

Digital Forensics Now is here to serve our community.  Contact us today to experience the difference in our PROTECT, TRUST, and TRANSPARENCY approach.

Forensics and Cybersecurity Services:

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