Leaders in Forensics and Cybersecurity

DIGITAL FORENSICS NOW is a Hispanic, woman-owned forensics and cybersecurity company dedicated to three core concepts:  PROTECT, TRUST, and TRANSPARENCY.

Let’s discuss CYBERSECURITY.  PROTECT is one service Digital Forensics Now offers to companies through Incident Response planning, Tabletop Exercises, Threat Hunting, and Consulting.  PROTECT is also a service that Digital Forensics Now offers to companies that find themselves in a post-breach scenario as we ensure the environment has been remediated for persistent threats.

Let’s discuss FORENSICS.   Responsive, repeatable, community-accepted, battle-tested, timely, efficient, and accurate are a few words that portray Digital Forensics Now and our results.

Let’s discuss EVIDENCE.  We stand by our methodology and findings.  Investigative findings must be admissible and provide you with the smoking gun you need in court.  We’ll keep you updated on our progress, findings, and then provide expert testimony, if requested.


TECHNOLOGY – we use industry-leading tools. We’re trained, experienced, and use the latest technology.

EDISCOVERY – our data extraction output (i.e., load files) is compatible with eDiscovery platforms (e.g., Relativity, iPro, etc.).

COMPLEXITY – we have a knack for resolving issues after other firms can’t or won’t deliver. We’ll be here as your safety net if you find yourself in this unenviable situation.

Forensics and Cybersecurity Services:

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