Digital Forensics Now supports the private/public sector and consumers needing data-intensive investigations or litigation with innovative technology.

 Why Digital Forensics Now?

  • Women-owned business with global experience
  • Dedicated to security, operations and transparency
  • Flexible subscription plans with up to 50% cost savings

 How Can We Help?

  • Identify wrongdoers, authentic and analyze the evidence with packages tailored to your needs
  • Manage your costs using high-quality forensic services priced at a predictable, monthly rate
  • Bespoke expert witness services


  • Digital Forensics Imaging and Analysis
  • Forensic Analysis for Mobile and Tablets
  • Cloud Acquisitions
  • Drone Forensics
  • Expert Testimony and Reporting
  • Forensic Neutral Services
  • Cybercrime Investigations
  • eDiscovery Consulting

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