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Who are we?

Digital Forensics Now is a computer forensics services firm trusted to resolve forensic, cybersecurity, and e-discovery cases.  We have a global presence and a strong record for quick results, cost reduction, legal risk mitigation, and value generation. Our firm assists clients with sensitive and complex electronic discovery, information governance, computer forensics, information security, and privacy issues.

Our team members serve as forensic engineers solving some of the most complex forensic-driven problems and situations. In addition, our team members have resolved some of the most complex cyber incidents to date, have served as testifying expert witnesses in hundreds of cases.

Why choose us?

Digital Forensics Now is passionate about cybersecurity. We strive for continuous improvement and knowledge in industry techniques and subject areas. Our team is committed to delivering what we promise and brings a vast amount of experience to our client’s needs. We utilize industry best practices and software to collect, preserve, and examine digital evidence. With a sincere passion for justice and technology, we help recreate actions of end-user and transform data integrity to compelling witnesses.

Our digital forensic experts ensure that no evidence is overlooked and can assist at any stage of an investigation or litigation. With on-site and remote options, our collections are quick, complete, and cost-conscious. Our clients can expect adaptive, fast, and straight forward expertise. Our areas of services include cyber-crime investigation, digital forensic analysis, data preservation, cloud acquisitions, triage, expert testimony, among many others.

Digital Forensics Now’s forensic team possesses globally recognized certifications including:

  • International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners “CCE”
  • International Fraternity of Cybersecurity Investigators “IFCI-CCI”
  • Certified Information Systems and Security Professional “CISSP”
  • Certified Ethical Hacker “CEH”
  • Certified Fraud Examiners “CFE”

This allows us to preserve the integrity of evidence helping clients to withstand even the toughest trial scrutiny. We serve law firms, businesses, insurance companies, government agencies, private individuals, and other global forensic consultants.